How Can I Raise Business Capital Fast?

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There’s a time-limited opportunity for your business: stock on sale, an upcoming project, seasonal changes, but your cash flow just isn’t in the right state at the right time. You need a cash injection – fast. Here’s how you can secure it.


Got a specific method already in mind? Find out how fast it is with our guide to the fastest business finance options.


Your options for securing fast business finance

  • Borrow. Banks, credit unions and even angel investors offer business borrowing, but unless you go through a non-bank lender, most of these methods will be too slow for your time-dependent needs. Read our guide to how long it takes to get a business loan to speed the process up.
  • Sell some assets. ‘Assets’ in this case can mean selling stock, shares, property or equipment. If the potential reward is large enough, it can be worthwhile liquidating to get what you need. But, depending on the asset class, this can take some time – selling an industry-specific piece of equipment on TradeMe might take weeks.
  • Supplier deals. If you need extra stock, you may be able to negotiate with your regular supplier to extend a line of credit or adjust your trading terms to better fit your time-limited needs. This is less raising business capital and more avoiding needing to raise it in the first place, and is a good way to negate the problem entirely. But it does rely on a strong relationship with your supplier.
  • Family and friends. Many Kiwi entrepreneurs got their first seed money by relying on their friends and family – the same can be said for upcoming opportunities. However, you have to be careful here, as combining borrowed money, personal relationships and business is tricky if you want all three to come out the other side intact.
  • Invest your savings. Lastly, there’s bootstrapping: investing your own cash in the business and putting costs on your personal lines of credit. This can and does work for many Kiwis, but all projects come with risk – be sure that you and your finances are ready before resorting to this.


If you need fast business capital, there are many methods open to you – but some are significantly faster than others. With the right information from you, GetCapital can receive, process and approve a business loan in as little as 24 hours, releasing the capital you need to keep growing your business.

To find out more, get in touch with one of our expert lenders.